Mapa Eldorado Free 1.6.8 for 1.28 (OFFICIAL)

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Map corrected to work on 1.28
Download and activate only the map, you do not need FIX!


DOWNLOAD 783 MB Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 783 MB [Mirror]

16 Responses to Mapa Eldorado Free 1.6.8 for 1.28 (OFFICIAL)

  1. Zoc says:

    Work with promods?

  2. lollo2604 says:

    need any dlc?

  3. Chris2907 says:

    Wo liegt diese Map?

  4. john says:

    Does anyone knows a fix to let it work on TSM map…

    • ELDORADO says:

      put the map simply at the bottom, no fix needed, works fine for me

  5. Sven says:

    Arbeitet diese mit der ProMods????

  6. Mariano Italiano says:

    Nice map 😀 !

  7. nathan says:


  8. Digital X says:

    Looking back at the past versions guys, it is indeed standalone. I am downloading to test on it’s own. I may try with Promods and see how that goes.

  9. Digital X says:

    Looking at the past versions, it is indeed standalone guys. I will test on it’s own, and then with Promods, Rusmap etc.

    • KALI1782 says:

      Hi, Do you give me contact to you? I have offer to you.

  10. RebelCopyrights says:

    Where can I find the house from the picture

  11. FrenchTruckers says:

    Nice Map but my game crash when I play 5-6min, isn’t my PC because I’ve a good config ! :/
    However, VERY NICE MAP ! x)

  12. Luki35 says:

    Z jakimi mapami działa ona

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