mapa Europe Open V1.025 for Beta 1.28

map Add-on Europe Open for Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.28.X

– No need new profile
– Add new roads
– New prefabs
– New dirt roads
– New climate
– New roadblocks
– Removed GPS routes
– Compatible whit bouble trailer

EuropeOpen e Team Mods

DOWNLOAD 203 MB [mirror]

9 thoughts on “mapa Europe Open V1.025 for Beta 1.28

  1. Authors! Show on the map the location – New dirt roads!

  2. video please

  3. 1 of the 2 files had an error?

  4. Its no different i try the Map video please

  5. The map is 100% equal to the standard SCS europe map.
    There are no new roads. There is NOTHING new.
    This “EuropeOpen e Team Mods” is not to be trusted.

  6. Anton Pan

    The map is an addon, i really enjoy playing on it , i recommand to download.

    1. how do i locate the dirt roads in the map ?

  7. KindaOnLoose

    Very bad mod should get deleted from the website.

  8. Space Cam

    can you update this mod for version 1.34

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