Marcapolo G7 1600 LD 6×2


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Skin: Kaptan Demir

Tested on Version: 1.21.1 and 1.22 beta

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9 thoughts on “Marcapolo G7 1600 LD 6×2

  1. Someone know what can be a problem – when i drive a truck at night then i see some blinking inside the cab of truck (peterbilt 389, t 600..), orange color is flashing around!!!?????? Not in all trucks such thing.

    1. That’s texture problem.the texture doesn’s works on that version.

      1. What texture? But was written these trucks compatible with the 1.21 version,it is not old truck models.

  2. tem uma ótima…Pergunto! Pode colocar skin ?

  3. Did you change that #### black window? if not, everything will be meaningless !

    1. Exactly this. I have tried out so many different versions and in NONE I can see through the fugging windows. -_-‘

  4. would it be possible to bring a patch out as you can not see left or right from the drivers seat other than that it is a fine model, thanks.


  5. SinisterGHOST

    Can anyone help me figure out how to make this tow the small trailers.

  6. When i go driving with my truck i get small F2 mirrors when the Marcopolo (Volvo store) mod is on in mod manager.

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