Transparent LED Board (tcab)


That’s the LED Board by RJL without black backplate. You need Scania T Mod v1.7.1 because without it doesn’t work.

You can use it as mod separately (higher priority) or replace the files in the main mod.

RJL, Navix


5 thoughts on “Transparent LED Board (tcab)

  1. Quent1_Fr

    Thanks! 😉

  2. do you have scania R (RJL) LED Board mod??

  3. TCab ScaniaFan25

    i tried this mod and made it highish prioty and still aint working how do i get it workin :/

    1. Works only with Scania T Mod by RJL. No Scania Multimod or similar !!! I’ve just tested it again and works fine.

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