Marchi ITA Trailers Pack v 1.6

March- ITA-Trailers-Pack-v-1.6-2 March- ITA-Trailers-Pack-v-1.6-1

This pack adds 85 Trailers
Enabled in traffic
For versions 1.16.x
All trailers is standalone

Version 1.6:
โ€“ Added 22 new Trailers

Author: sory87


9 thoughts on “Marchi ITA Trailers Pack v 1.6

  1. solaris36

    Old cargo definition files!!
    Please update to new versions.

  2. If you see in gamelog the errors, do not worry not crashes.

    personally tested

  3. solaris36

    Can u give me permission to modify/update/upgrade this mod? Thank you

  4. sure if you can , It would be good to you in the future, the following definitions will be good ones, thanks

    1. solaris36

      U can use this definition cargo files in new cargo mods.
      Give me a little time and I work in this.
      Escuse my poor English.
      Future name: Marchi ITA Reworked ;-D

  5. don’t worry even I don’t speak well, let me know, so goes on this mod, the project its very long ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. solaris36

      Hi. I will post Marchi ITA Reworked soon. Few trailers, not all. A lot of work. You will see…

  6. OK, let’s hope that it works and doesn’t crash.
    I change the version after you made.

  7. I fixed it I have found a tool that makes single changes.
    Thanks anyway.

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