Marcopolo G6 1800 8X2 v 4.0


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– Over 35 Skin
– Rines included
– Own Sound
– Own Interior
– More template so you can make your own skin

Tested in version 1.22

Authors: Linux, jozz, Chal


3 thoughts on “Marcopolo G6 1800 8X2 v 4.0

  1. Marcopolo G6 1800 8X2 v 4.0 drive test:

  2. Rohan Ail

    Works great..

    One problem. You cannot take this bus to any toll gate as the toll doesn’t detect due to long front room with double tires in the front. Please fix this, the only way to drive is not to enter any tolls , hence re-structuring your navigation routes by avoiding the tolls.

    Will be looking for your latest updates regarding this.
    P.S: if possible add cabin accessories with beautiful interiors.

    Thank you for this mod.
    🙂 cheers…

  3. Shah Huzaifa

    Nice game

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