Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800


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Tested in version 1.21
new sound
this version adds three new skin
ADO skin
skin red star
skin of Nicargua
new Scania box
white Ribbon
new chairs
and much more
I hope you enjoy

chaly black, johnsheen, therex, lamtam, logisticaamericana, linux


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14 thoughts on “Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800

  1. RhastalordTV
  2. Paddy Daly

    thank you

    1. great mod

  3. Paddy Daly

    good mod

  4. jimneydodah

    what about picking passengers up?

  5. Сделали бы автобус ЛАЗ – 697 лиаз 667 ,699 , Паз или с Икарусом вот это был бы шедевр

  6. Hi everyone. I downloaded the mod and after i installed it i saw this annoying cinematic like camera. Is there any possible ways to remove that from the mod, because otherwise it is fine?

    1. You can sell it in cabin accessory menu. If you sell it, there will be a route advisor.

  7. The Rar file asks for Pass? where is it?

  8. Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800, in some part of the Rar file it asks for password? where I can find it?


  9. jose leon isla


  10. Tôi rất thích

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