Matic Transmission

Matic-Transmission-1 Matic-Transmission-2

Only 3 Gear Position
R = Reversr
1 = Low Speed
2 = High Speed

Select Matic Engine And Matic Transmission

Author: Asel Arba Mayranda


7 thoughts on “Matic Transmission

  1. what is the password ?

  2. The password is given in the file, but Winrar says:
    “The archive is corrupt …”

    1. My mistake! The mod works perfectly!

  3. what is the passwoard?

  4. The zip file is corrupted it say’s bad zip header

    1. Asel Arba Mayranda

      is not corrupted… just your wrong a password…
      the password is = ” asfrak ets2gi “

  5. Asel Arba Mayranda

    The Password = asfrak ets2gi

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