MAZ 500 Series MTG v 5.0 [1.28.X – 1.30.X]

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Update # 2 (Version of the mod # 2):
– Added two chassis 4×4 and 8×2
– Added steering wheel, a clock in an external interior model
– Work has been done to reduce the “FPS” in the game.
– Added new lighting devices (yellow, red, white to choose from), green by default.
– Added a new sound from “Kriechbaum”
– Correction of past shortcomings.
It is bought in the showroom of “MAN”.
Update # 3 (Version of mod # 3):
– adaptation under the patch 1.28.х
– Added registration in the auto show “mTG” and “MAN”
– correction of past shortcomings.
Update No. 4 (Version mod 4):
– correction of past shortcomings.
– added 2 chassis (515B-1973 and 509 – experienced with a sub-middle axle)
– an early version of the salon was added
– new tuning elements
Update #5 (Version mod №5):
– adaptation under the patch 1.30.х
– correction of past shortcomings.
– Adding braids to the steering wheel.
– the addition of animated glove boxes and sun visors.

– mo3Del Truck Game (mTG):
– JAWA: 3D model, 3D interior
– Stas556: Envelope in the game, animation, editing in the game.
– Kriechbaum: Sounds.
– SimKA: Sounds.
– Bear79: Sounds.
– Knox, dmitry68: Technology dashboard
– Sapgh: braiding


11 thoughts on “MAZ 500 Series MTG v 5.0 [1.28.X – 1.30.X]

  1. Would be great to have some interior pictures.

  2. Lilo is Good

    It’s very hard to attach to the trailer, the fifth wheel are too tall

    1. Choose the lower frame and change the size of the tires, smaller.
      All will be ok.

  3. This truck offers a lot of customisation. I really like it, it’s noisy and rough just like a typicall Russian truck. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. fix it to 1.31 sound is verry ####

  5. Fantastic mod! Thanks!

  6. It’s a great looking truck. Too bad there is no explanation of how to install the zillion scs files that pop out of the 7zip file. I keep trucking my roman diesel !

  7. Отличный мод грузовика МАЗ-500, с удовольствием протестировал в игре и отснял ролик. Предлагаю к просмотру: Euro Truck Simulator 2, Устанавливаем мод МАЗ-500

    My ride with MAZ 500, awesome truck!

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