Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds by Cip

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This mod includes more than 250 different engine sounds for Ai vehicles, the default scs cars and also most of the Ai vehicles from the main existent packs mods like Ai pack by Jazzycat, TDU pack and Asphalt8 pack.
This mod has no dependency on other mods, however for a full experience, the Sound fixes pack of Drive Safely is strongly recommended, because my mod do not contain any truck sounds, acting rather as a complement for Drive Safely’s pack (the consequence of not using Drive Safely’s mod is easy: you have Ai car personalized sounds and the default Ai truck engine sounds)
My mod do not contain any @include sii files, so you can optionally use any traffic pack mods you prefer (you won’t get any error in the gamelog if you don’t use a certain Ai pack). Nevertheless, because sounds definitions are located in the main vehicle sii files, and because I used my already modified files when I started my project, my mod will modify also:
– Ai cars max_speed, tweaked furthermore (speed decreased or increased depending on model and now also by the engine sound) as a curiosity, all scs cars/SUVs are having by default a max_speed of 160 km/h
– Ai car colors, some sport cars are having personalized colors and newer models have a selection of the best colous included in several .sui files
My mod do not include the game_data.sii, leaving the sound volumes at your choice!

Using Real Ai traffic engine sounds:
– it must be placed above any traffic pack and above Sound fixes mod by Drive Safely in case you are using it.
– any update of the Ai traffic packs used in your game will permit my mod working in the same way, except you won’t have personalized sounds for the new models, unless the author of a pack changes something in an existent model (which must be also corrected easily in my mod)
– the mod was built entirely in game version 1.30, however will work also in 1.31 and also in previous versions at least until 1.28

Credits and Author rights:
the engine sounds are entirely my work, any post on other websites is allowed only by keeping original download link and credits. in order to discourage thieves, before downloading please check that uploader nickname is cipinho
the necessary sii files are coming from different Ai traffic packs so credits goes to their authors, Jazzycat, Eden Games, Atari, Serj999, alkonavt96, satan19990, Rommi TZ. my mod included only the sii file from these packs, nothing else. in order to get advantage from these cars, you must google them.
sounds have been created entirely form YouTube videos, few channels where I have found more than one video: Automann-TV, AutoTopNL, The Wheel Network, PDriveTV, 4Drive Time, Saabkyle04
few sounds from Drive Safely’s Sound fixes pack have been reworked and included in my pack under his permission so credits goes to Drive Safely also.

Cipinho, Drive Safely


8 thoughts on “Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds by Cip

  1. spartacus33

    Realist… well done !!!
    Thx a lot …

  2. Awesome job, Cip!
    Thanx a million!

  3. SOUND test:

  4. Cipinho mam pytanie jak zwiększyć głośność AI w kabinie ciężarówki

    I have a question how to increase the AI ​​volume in the truck cab

  5. if you use sound fixes pack by drive safely should not be needed, the volume is high enough,
    if you don’t then create a mod or search which of your mods includes game_data.sii in increase 0.05 on sound from cabin to a higher value, 0.25 is a good value. good luck. more details on forum scs

    1. thanks for the answer is OK

  6. Police car Netherlands and Italy are wrong.

  7. update the modd

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