MAZ 504


Model replace Iveco Stralis.
Got own wheels, tuning.
Tested on

Lexan, Stalker, Bruicer, Alexander Sadovsky.


3 Responses to MAZ 504

  1. Artam says:


  2. Brucesim2003 says:

    There is so much wrong with this mod it beggars belief.

    Click on a cab = crash.
    Mirrors don’t work.
    Uses the Iveco interior. Not bad in and of itself, but the mirrors can be changed from the interior (only), as can the sunvisor, but neither appear on the exterior model.
    The steering wheel appears buried in the ground under the truck, and when you go to the exterior view you are under the truck….and cant move out from under the truck.

    At this point I had seen enough. There may be more wrong with it, but I’ve stopped looking. You might want to get this to beta at least before releasing it.

  3. marty says:

    its a piece of ####, it looks great but thats all.
    the good working maz 504 is availeble on this site.
    looks les great but it at least is complete.

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