MAZ 504B v 2.1 + MAZ 938662-050 Trailer

maz-504b-1 maz-504b-2

-DAF Dealer
-DLC Supporting
Addapted 1.25 version.
Save the link please.

Kosa6414, Fenix, RNV_Nik1, Bruicer


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3 thoughts on “MAZ 504B v 2.1 + MAZ 938662-050 Trailer

  1. Адаптация колёс: МАЗ + КамАЗ-4310 (внедорожные) с версии: v1.16.x (и изменил текстуры) для v1.23.x и выше.
    Это отстой не доделанный ????

  2. Author text: for v1.23.x. – v1.24.x

  3. Pretty bad mod, with 1000 and 2000 hp fantasy engines only, and there are some graphical bugs with the wheels as well. A pity because the sound and the model seems promising.

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