Maz-5340/5440/6430А8 Reworked (upd:25.12.16)


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– Some of the materials removed outdated attribute, in accordance with the patch 1.26
– Animation of the steering wheel under the revised standard SCS (900 degrees)
– Slightly redesigned headlights laytmaska
– Added several new slots for accessories on a windshield

Notable shortcomings that still can not fix:

– Whipped normal cab and other details
– At a distance manifested by a grid of polygons in some detail (albeit only slightly)
– May remain unnoticed other problems …

For use with DLC “Cabin Accessories” and DLC “National Window Flags” connect the related files with registration Component



3 thoughts on “Maz-5340/5440/6430А8 Reworked (upd:25.12.16)

  1. Dominator

    Не работает. Вылетает. Что делать? Жду фикса

  2. Nice il_86, merry Christmas! Christ is born

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