MAZ-5340/5440/6430 А8 (1.24)


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Truck is bought and DAF, 2 slot.
The model is:
+ 3 chassis type: 5440А8 (4×2); 6430А8 (6×4); 5340А8 (tent 4×2).
+ 2 cabin (different steering wheel).
+ Your own custom wheels and sounds.
+ Color to factory color, including metallic. The painting of plastic parts of the plumage color of the cab.
+ Vast tuning (optics, shutter, GPS, strobe beacons, etc.).

Update for MAZ-5340/5440/6430 A8 (16.07.2016)

New in this version:
+ Improvements and fixes in the model.
+ Fixed material of glass to work correctly with HDR enabled (thanks to [email protected] for the help)
Tested on version: 1.24

Assembly updates: il_86


7 Responses to MAZ-5340/5440/6430 А8 (1.24)

  1. imchasingyou says:

    one of the coolest truck
    model looks awesome, many external and internal accessories, realistic gearboxes. Highly recommended

  2. Gregoris says:

    It has 5 or 6 gear in gearbox for serial choice?

  3. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  4. Asero says:

    Very nice. Tested on quick job and everything works as it should 🙂

    Can anyone tell me what all the extra scs files are for? I’ve scanned through them, and it looks like some of them overwrites DLC content and disables stuff like modded trailers?

    • imchasingyou says:

      here is box_cargo for 4×2 tent chassis, with “invisible” trailers
      two archives with addons support, flags and cabin accessories
      templates for stickers on cabin and number plates.
      No_cargo turns off all stock trailers for 4×2 chassis so you don’t need to search cargo all over the map

  5. lwjcod says:


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