MAZ 54323 (64229) with MAZ 9758 Trailer by Nikola [1.32] Official release

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In front of you is a brand-new mod of the Belarusian truck MAZ-54323 with the semitrailer MAZ-9758. The mod is based on the newly assembled medium-poly 3D model with high-quality textures.
– Standalone truck purchase in the SCANIA
dealer & ownable trailer;
– 1 cabin;
– 2 chassis – 4×2 (54323-08) and 6×4 (64229);
– Painted, incl. and in metallic, skins support (template in the mod
– 2 engines YMZ-238B and “Tutayev” TMZ-8424.10;
– 5 Gearboxes YaMZ, Kamaz, TMZ, LIAZ Praha & ZF EcoSplit with
RABA bridge (all traction characteristics and gear ratios in
units according to manufacturers specifications);
– Own interior and animation;
– Its original sound YMZ-238B by Koral;
– Own wheels with all components;
– Support for DLC Cabin Accessories;
– Support for animated trailer cables;
– Support for advanced coupling.

The MAZ 9758 semi-trailer with a completely rebuilt model supports a new in-game purchase function. Integrated into the main mod.

Changelog v3.0:
– Refined model of the interior in order to eliminate glare with the
included HDR. Odako due to the fact that
the function from the very beginning to the present day in the
game does not work correctly though, I recommend using the No
Bloom mod;
– Minor changes on the external model of the truck;
– Added wheelcover semitrailer.
Mod tested on patch:

Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass), Dalnoboyshic, Stas556, Scorokhodov, Descpro ,Vita1980(some parts), Vital22RUS(skins).


15 thoughts on “MAZ 54323 (64229) with MAZ 9758 Trailer by Nikola [1.32] Official release

  1. This old version does not clear the rain on the window
    No work on 1.33 (!)

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

      Read description! This update for 1.32 game patch!

    2. Roberto D.

      Ah Klains, you never learn, much less read, do you?

  2. PaZiTiVcHiK

    mod does not work do not download it wakes up the old game to crash

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

      Funny comment. Mod tested on patch 1.33, works without errors and crashes. On the patch 1.33 problem with wipers – do not wash water. Everything. No need to lie, #####!

      1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass) Current version of the game 1.33 Steam!
        QW: more players of continue and will continue to use patch 1.32 and even 1.31 because every next update of the game is worse than a previous one
        Kkk, ###, You are in your mind or the one who writes uses pirated copies of the game and comes here to make money on downloading hosting on old mods!

        I m sure you do not have a licensed build of game on the Steam, as you write such a horror here on the Lithuanian website, pauper indigent impoverished Russian … not a dude?… girl d to think otherwise…

        1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

          Unlike you, I just in my mind, communicate with people normally with people who are not rude and do not appeal to strangers “hey dude!” I do not call you a dog because you have a nickname Pincher) This behavior – the level of cattle!
          About making money on hosting: doing the manufacturing of private mods for the order, for one completed order I get as much as the hosting accumulates in six months. If such amounts for you – making money and business, then I sympathize with you. Apparently you are at the level of the life of a beggar)
          Well and most importantly – I absolutely do not care about pirated or licensed copies of the game are used by those who use my mods in the game. This is a personal matter and I am not the copyright police. Personally, I have a license, but in my work I use a pirated version of the game – this is convenient for me from a technical point of view. And I repeat: regular updates, especially lousy ones like 1.33, are not for everyone. Many use older patches since 1.28 with better optimization.
          Since the publication of the mod, 460 players have downloaded it and successfully use it to enjoy the game. Even if only half leaves him, the work is already done for a reason. Let him bring people positive emotions.

          1. You russian ? Please no “Googl-translation” please write on English, not laugh here on Lithuanian site and not to repeat my text words. You’re clearly as dumb as a thought you were. My condolences to your country…………….
            you do not have your own website in country and you are here speculating ### for fools – but you were wrong
            What to write you do not understand their “google-translationn a on se ###
            Long not laugh much over such as you

  3. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

    Pincher, I am Ukrainian and hereditary Zaporozhye Cossack. We, the people of Donbass, do not need your condolences. We are a free and independent people. And you are a nationalist and a chauvinist. Your behavior is a sample of the complete absence of culture and you are no one to tell me where, as an author, to publish my work. I absolutely do not care about your opinion and I see no reason to continue the dialogue with you.

    1. Dont understand what you write? This curve kkk… your google translation, as you do not know English and at send here to laugh and amuse all their old works, when the version of game for a long is like v1.33 you’re funny and a tell you this, once you come to me here in Lithuania! Got me!?
      and not writte to english a this a pushover freak, grammar nazi xd
      If assholes could fly, this place would be an airport!
      Earth is full. Go home…

      1. kamazy3sy3s

        Obvious troll is obvious.

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