MAZ 54323 + Interior + New sound

MAZ-54323-Interior-New-sound-1 MAZ-54323-Interior-New-sound-2

Replaces Renault Truck
Tested 1.4.8 version

Author: unknown


12 thoughts on “MAZ 54323 + Interior + New sound

  1. Raphael Nunes

    this is standalone?

  2. Hey,somebody please fkn explain to me,why since ive updated to v1.4.x versions no fkn mod works for me,this neither,i cant fkn stand this anymore,no mod works not even the most pathetic,does it have anything to do with the fact that my ets is steam?thnx for everyone who answers

    1. Stoorsando

      Have you checked that the mods have been tested and that they works on 1.4.x???

    2. SnowLeopard

      Have you tried starting a new profile without any map mods in, then add one mod at a time. I’m on patch 1.4.8 and all but 2 of my mods work, even older ones I thought wouldn’t have a chance. You may have to do a re-install of ETS2 in case your files got corrupted at some point in it’s update through Steam. First try new profile and add a mod at a time if nothing works, even those mods that are working for others on 1.4.8, then I suggest a re-install of ETS2 at this point. Good Luck! (BTW if you updated to 1.4.1 then tried the other BETA test patches, it maybe better to re-install it as I found my files were corrupted during the patch from 1.4.1 to 1.4.6 so re-installed and went from 1.3.1 straight up to 1.4.8.

  3. Tiago Witt

    Please friend me know if this mod is standalone, I would like to see more mods as standalone peterbilt kenworth, etc. I am using a pack with 21 standalone trucks here and wanted more. The game is getting better, if possible contact the developers of mods that always make an optional version Standalone. Thank you!

  4. GPS????

  5. Maybe try editing your profile first when game opens.

  6. front axle to fix no luck?

  7. THNX for answer everyone,still doesnt work,tried to reinstall,tried to add one mod aat a time with new profile,and nothing,not at this mod,i tried other mods for 1.4.8 that others say work,not on my side,this is fked up,paid the fkn game for nothing

  8. I made movie about it, i love it for now 🙂

  9. good mod

  10. good mod would recommend it

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