MAZ 6422M v 3.0 [1.32.xx]

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The truck “MAZ 6422M” version 3.0

– Fully Autonomous 3D model of the truck!
– Buying in showrooms MAN.
– Written in the company and a gallery of trucks!.
– 1 cabin
– 1 chassis
– 12 engines
– Transmission one under each engine
– His shop
– Its sounds
– His wheels (option 2)
– Paint
– A lot of outdoor tyunninga
– Fixed collision truck (rested on the trailer and did not call for it) Phantom94
My changes:!
– Replaced all sound new: – Kamazist_1980!
– Has registered a new camera
– Full support for “DLC Cabin Accessories” and “National Window Flags”!

Test versions 1.30.xx, –

Modeling in 3ds Max: – JAWA
Envelope, animation, residence in the ETS2: – Stas556.
Fix the spoiler in 3ds Max: – Fox071rus.

Thank you “Knox_xss” for the use of texture “gps” and “dashboard”!
Thank you “RJL / Fordsonmies” for the use of the material illumination interior!
Adaptation of v1.32 and a residence permit in orders: – Kamazist_1980.
Adaptation support DLC and the change in sound: – Kamazist_1980.

JAWA, Stas556, Fox071rus, Knox_xss, Phantom94, Kamazist_1980.


2 thoughts on “MAZ 6422M v 3.0 [1.32.xx]

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.32….

  2. Der Sound von 3 motoren hat error bitte fix das noch
    so ist der Sound grauenhaft und unspielbar nach 10 min hatte ich koppschmerzen

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