MB Actros MP3 & Tuning Accessories

MB-Actros-MP3-&-Tuning-Accessories-2 MB-Actros-MP3-&-Tuning-Accessories-1

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Various options of tuning, elongated base of bridges, cabins, variants of interior sheathing. Realistic engines.
Neon lighting kits
Exclusive variants of coloring

No DLC accessories cab

Adapted for version 1.21

Author: SCS.pl – Poland mod

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DOWNLOAD 36 MB [Uploadfiles]


13 thoughts on “MB Actros MP3 & Tuning Accessories

  1. Killermet

    Nice! 🙂

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Is a reupload… Old Mod…

    1. Mr.German – re you ######? There mod from 2014)
      This mod is for v1.21

      1. and whats new in this mod for 1.21? The same mode

      2. Mr.GermanTruck

        Nothing has changed to the old Mod. Can both test mods. You’ll see no difference

        1. Angel_Mr.

          Mr.GermanTruck –
          Take it easy and not to worry so much. Are you sick today? Take a sedative medication and lie down in bed to sleep. You radiating the whole brain. I sympathize with you , our dear mr.GermanTruck.
          Just be aware, this 1.21 version for mods and there are people-players who support the development and promotion of mods, as well as positive suggestions for improvement modsю
          And to You mr.GermanTruck, need to calm down and not be so excited in this one subject. I’m worried about You, but something very bad will, on the basis of the Internet and illusions of the game)
          Friends Of Poland! Thanks for the mod, not to forget the best times of tuning!
          Google Turkey portal with Respect to You!

          1. What is your problem Angel_Mr.?

  3. Hey men awesome mod, could you add these characters in your next update version please gps 🙂

  4. SCRAP MOD with models from 2013 inside. awesome s*h*i*t

  5. Works, but there is still to many errors.

  6. I know it is an old mod but it really need an update so it doesn’t deactivate the possibilities to buy the Actros MP IV (Actros 2014) there might be persons that like the MP IV as well.

  7. They could add metalic paintjobs, but they have no brain for it.

  8. Mod fajny, dużym problemem jest to że nie można założyć zabudowy pod długie podwozie

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