Mega Combo Pack V3.0: A2B online edition


(Tested version 1.21.x and 1.22.x)

Mega Combo Pack V3.0: A2B online edition includes:

• 2 different distribution centres in the appearance of A2B-online style. (repainted LKW-log & Euro goodies)
• 16 different A2b trailers. (Profiliners & containers)
• 4 subdivisions trailers. (Systematic & Tip)
• Multiple trailers should be always available at these distribution centres. (also when using jazzycat trailer and cargo pack)
• A2B skins for all default trucks and for RJL Scania R & Streamline.

This mod contains also combo’s for 21 other logistic companies:’s:

DB Schenker,
de Rijke,
Geodis (BM & Calberson)
Gruber Logistics,
Jan de Rijk,
Kuehne Nagel,
Norbert Dentressangle,
Post Kogeko,
Reinert Logistics,
Simon Loos,
Vos Logistics,
Wim Bosman.

The trailers of all companies are available at the remaining warehouses.

If you want, feel free to sponsor this project on paypal! Thank you in advance 🙂

Grtz Rudy



19 thoughts on “Mega Combo Pack V3.0: A2B online edition

  1. matdom1988

    False credits.
    Mod thief.
    Container credits: MD Modding

    Do not download this mod.Thank you.

    1. To make skins for trucks and trailers i use (like many others) ets studio. This week they launched a new version, incl. a new trailer: a container. I wasn’t aware of the fact i becoming a thief with making skins for this container to add them to my mod. So i am sorry about that. Thank you to make aware about this.

  2. matdom1988

    I know, it was me who made these and trailers.
    Just in the credits you can put ets2studio, mdmodding
    It’s the minimum.
    Because of people like you there will be more mod.

    1. Great job matdom, matter of fact, you’re container was one of The reasons to make this complete this mod earlier. Next updates i will proudly present your name in the credits. Do i have to reupload this mod, or is it Okay to keep this Mod online? Other wise it will be the a2b offline edition 🙂

      1. matdom1988

        For next time, you will put the good credit. Thank you.

  3. does this change real names to all vanilla games made up companies ?


    I know this is a ###### question so pardon me for asking, but what is the difference of this version to 2.1?

  5. The idea of this mod is as follow: it is not always possible to make combo’s due to the fact that the jobmarked not always offering the right trailers at the right moment. In this mod it is always possible to collect the right trailer for the A2B online company, so you can make combo’s whenever you want. To make it as real as possible, their are 20 different trailers to collect. This is for A2B, but For all the other companies i will make this same mod. All with their own trailer pack and company building.

  6. Could you upload a version with truck skins only? I’m not really interested in using the trailer skins…

    Thank you for your great work!

  7. Eurotrucker

    So… this is for your own trucks or quick jobs?
    I don’t really get the point… is there a video?

  8. willy1962

    can we true mail talk in dutch about your very good packs ?

    1. Dat kan, ik zal snel een nieuw mail adres aanmaken, zodat ik mijn gewone mail niet publiekelijk hoef te maken 🙂

  9. willy1962

    Dank je is goed en begrijpelijk.

    1. Hoi, mijn mail adres is [email protected]. Gr Rudy

  10. Preview of Mega Combo Pack v4.0!! :

  11. Ben benieuwd naar de volgende versie.

  12. willy1962

    Rudy your mail adress is not working ?
    ik krijg een melding van de Systeembeheerder

    1. Heb hem zojuist getest en hij doet het bij mij wel: [email protected] Mocht het alsnog niet werken zal ik een ander adres aanmaken 🙂

  13. Hallo,

    Sehr gute Arbeit haben sie da gemacht =)

    Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn sie die Firma, Gustav Mäuler Spedition mit aufnehmen würden

    Hello there,

    Very good work they have done there = )

    I would be very happy if they would take the company , Gustav mouths with Spedition

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