South Korea Adventure Map v6.3


ETS2 South Korea Adventure Map v6.3 : 2016-01-15

ㆍ189 Cities
ㆍMap of adventure and fantasy
ㆍPangaea Map (Do you like Pangaea map?)
ㆍPerfect Compatibility with (Promods v2.0, TSM v6.2, RusMap v1.6)
ㆍNo Error in Game.log.txt

New in v6.0
ㆍ Pangaea Map

New in v6.1
ㆍ Saltillo – Cuesta Lipan Renewal (Complicated roads Map)
ㆍ Bug Fix(Eldorado Map)

New in v6.2
ㆍ Added Ukraina Map(39 Cities)

New in v6.3
ㆍ Fixed City Name Crash with Promods v2.0, TSM v6.2(Ukraina Map)
ㆍ Improved City Speed Limits(Ukraina Map)

Please read the readme.txt for more information.

Hemil, Bogdan Evdokimovich, Septian MR, Elvis Felix, AnimadoMP, Frank007, Goba6372


20 thoughts on “South Korea Adventure Map v6.3

  1. Frequency

    Does it require DLC Going East or Scandinavia?

    1. From the ReadMe:

      =Q: Why is it required to have DLC(dlc_east, dlc_north) to use this map?
      A: It is required because the map is using models, prefabs, roads, tunnels and many other things from DLC(dlc east, dlc north).=

  2. The Map is ok, thanks.
    But I cannot zoom to the Countrys or Towns to get Freight.
    Which Priority the Map should have (with TSM 6.2, RusMap 1.6) ?
    Or is there another way to zoom?
    Thanks for your Answer.

  3. Чёта я не понял . При чём тут Корея и хохлы ? В чём связь ? Может географию кто то забыл ? Где находится Южная Корея и где Украина ? Бред какой то . Ну хотя по новой Украинской истории , )))) ведь древние великие укры основатели человечества на Земле ! ))))))))))))))))))) Так что не удивляюсь )))))))))))))

    1. VITEKRUS, о кацап немытый объявился. В перерывах между первой и второй – перерывчик небольшой(для написания коммента)?

  4. What are the changes with 6.2?

  5. good

  6. Nice Video, but now I find out, that the Map must load with highest Priority.
    Now everything is OK.

  7. Diese Map ist vom 15.01.2016? Für ETS2 V 1.22.x. Der Mapper hat immer noch nicht begriffen, dass es seit 1.19 den Modmanager gibt. Wieder fehlen die Dateien dafür! Aber irgendwann begreift es vielleicht auch der Letzte!
    Alles muß man selbermachen.-
    Danke schön auch!

  8. Great to see its fixed already, Fantastic map, great devs 🙂


  10. Get really bad fps and artifacting in Hungary Map only.

  11. Acacio Lourenço

    We have seven maps very nices and very goods, but there are a problem: trucks run very well in every map but in Hungary map they block, don`t run very well. Why? the same mods and the same trucks why they block?

  12. Hello, it’s fun BUT, that map make my truck and the trailer invincible , and the limit of the 90 Km/h is break… And i would like keep the simulator side :/ And tires for hard grip could be very nice, because the road look like ice in mountains. hanks

  13. Acacio Lourenço

    Crash in UKRAINA map. Betwene the citys LUGANSK and KAMEN_CHAHT, the trucks don`t pass, the route is blocked.

    1. There is a secret route.

  14. Requer scandirnavia ou Going east ?

  15. Here you can see a video of the lost land and is posible to do the jobs very difficult but possible

  16. Wish This Would Work In v1.42

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