Mega mod


-200 real company trailer skin
-highway – no barrier
-more ai traffic
-painted ai trucks
-various types of chassis in ai traffic

Author B1ACK


24 thoughts on “Mega mod

  1. great job! SUPER MOD thanks

  2. Can you put faster link to downloading this mod

  3. Carlos Magno

    Olá Bom Dia! Esse mod vale apena baixar sem medo ele altera tudo no jogo, tem até uma conversa por rádio em Alemão apesar que sou do Brasil mais tudo bem né.
    Site muito bom meus parabéns

  4. explain author that what kind of mod I dont need use anymore when using this mod or is this suitable all kind of other mod or what

    1. trucker richy

      Human. This is a replacement of his other trailer+companies mod. All you need to do is replace the trailers pack I think. Not sure though cause the download is taking forever lol

  5. hodgson61paul

    would have loved to have this mod but i get a warning telling me unsafe download

  6. Ptkmal220596

    No ciao to te dobruje moda pro Euro Truck simulator
    Is compatibile with TSM MAP 4.1.1

  7. der download ist echt witzig wenn mann nicht zahlt kannste ein tag urlaub nehmen ändert das doch bitte mal sonst alles gut

  8. akira.evolution

    i use this mod, but i never find ai new volvo fh16 in traffic

  9. Can you put another download link? Cause I can’t download from

    1. Thanks !!!

  10. Thks Admin :):):)

  11. szetland1971

    you had to pack a 7-zip !!!


  12. trucker richy

    I gotta ask this question, who wants MORE traffic. I like the games traffic as it is. And why didn’t the author upload a file with only the trailers pack included so that those of us who don’t want the other stuff can load that instead?, makes sense to me. But hey ho have fun all

  13. next update SCS will bring better KI – thanks god

    @the moment y can sleep with more traffic and the cars pile up

  14. Download 118 minuten 🙁

  15. Trailers pack and ai traffic separate. Please!

    1. Please Can You Do AI Traffic And Trailer Skins Seperate?

  16. admin .. please another download link i can’t download from sharemod always wrong IP .. i don’t know what exactly the problem is ..

  17. -to many traffic islands
    -you earn – 75% money,why?

  18. my game crash when I use highway free and game crashes poland country I get errors and then in near tollgate game crashes, if you can please fix this and can upload one file … B1-Higway free mod only this cause my game crashing.

    00:04:57.575 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘a2_1_start’ on model ‘/prefab/tollgate/tollgate_a2_poland/tollgate.pmd’
    00:04:57.575 : Missing prefab variant definition!
    00:04:58.417 : [fs] Failed to open file “/base/prefab/tollgate/tollgate_a2_poland/tollgate_anim_1_tollgate_anim.mat” in the read_only mode
    00:04:58.417 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/base/prefab/tollgate/tollgate_a2_poland/tollgate_anim_1_tollgate_anim.mat’
    00:04:58.432 : [fs] Failed to open file “/base/prefab/tollgate/tollgate_a2_poland/tollgate_anim_2_tollgate_anim.mat” in the read_only mode
    00:04:58.432 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/base/prefab/tollgate/tollgate_a2_poland/tollgate_anim_2_tollgate_anim.mat’

    Anyway is this mega mod good only one of .scs file is broken thanks

  19. best mod ever

  20. B1ACK, can you ugrade this mega mod pack in 1.8x+ game version if needed. If it possible then can make put together B1-Trailer skin+Ai mod + russian_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat(if Jazzycat allows use his own mod)

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