Mega Road Trains 1.0 by Sasha3261 for 1.40 and 1.41 Convoy

This mod provides the ability to make your own road train, from 3 to 9 trailers!
18 box trailer configurations;
18 log trailer configurations;
18 flatbed trailer configurations.

There will be more in the future!



18 thoughts on “Mega Road Trains 1.0 by Sasha3261 for 1.40 and 1.41 Convoy

  1. Is this viable in Europe?

    1. Sasha3261

      works in all countries 🙂

    2. AvM Transport

      Of course! Everywhere 😀

      1. LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Bullshit

    1. 👍👍👍
      Again some Waste here.

  3. Ouwahalel Garaveryi

    “There will be more in the future!”

    Please don’t..

    1. AvM Transport


  4. 1.) Soo ein Schwachsinn welcher Lkw zieht 9 Anhänger mit
    200 tonnen wenn pro Anhänger 22 tonnen geladen sind
    2.) wenn du einen anderen LKW überholst brauchst du für
    denn Überholvorgang min. 10 Minuten
    3.) auf Landstraße und Bundesstraßen darfst du und kannst du in dieser Konfiguration sowieso nicht Fahren und in Städten erst recht nicht
    weil du nirgends um Kreuzungen oder Firmeneinfahrten kommst
    und was heißt in Zukunft wird es mehr geben
    Mehr Anhänger ? Wieviel will sten noch Dranhängen 30,50
    Leute bleibt einfach realistischer
    Das ist sowas von unrealistisch Für das Spiel

    1. Sasha3261

      Have you at least downloaded the mod? Yes, it is not easy for trucks to drive with such a hitch, but most drive calmly! No cargo of 200 tons!
      My friends and I spent less than a minute on overtaking with a difference of 10 km / h.
      I drive quietly along country roads and cities, I just have to take a large radius. And if you go on configurations with pivot axles – it’s so easy at all!
      And I will not make more than 9 trailers! I will expand the number of configurations within 9 trailers!
      Yes, it can be difficult to turn around at some service stations; At the bases, too, with this problem, but Free Camera + F9 will help! Yes, you can take damage – but if you do everything quickly, the damage will be very minimal.
      Many people have already downloaded my mod, and they themselves decide how to play with it. They themselves decide whether to take them 9 trailers, or 5 or 3…

  5. this is nice.i wish altleast they could fit nicely in ets2 service stations.Isit something you can make them do or its a problem with the game?keep up the good work.

    1. Sasha3261

      Thank you! 🙂 Unfortunately, I cannot fix triggers on bases and service stations. Poetmou, I recommend using Ctrl+F9. You can also use “No Damage mod”

  6. Storm Blixt

    can you update it for the 1.41 ?

    1. Sasha3261

      Read the title and description 🙂

  7. ItalicSoul

    whats the weight?

  8. #### you

    game crashes everytime

  9. 1.43 de çalışır mı?

  10. gkvfjx gaming

    steam workshop files upload?
    ets2 mod trailer?

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