Mega Sounds Pack


Collection of sound mods. Each engine has its own sound. an independent residence permit.
Also included quick_job_tuned_truck_by_pendragon_v2.1.
Jobs in fast trucks all have different engine sounds.
Error please report.

Authors: Kriechbaum, Bennekeben, ComandoreOne, Gustav, hupe, Leen, Matt, Paulnice, Slash, Snail_killa, Tribaltech, volidas, zapenakpea, Zhuk


15 Responses to Mega Sounds Pack

  1. Metaltom68 says:

    Wohin damit ??????

  2. Metaltom68 says:

    Dieses Video wird derzeit verarbeitet.

    Das tut uns leid.

  3. Zhuk says:

    guys all sounds from this site in one mod

  4. crovv says:

    Der Ordner kommt in den mod Ordner rein wie eine scs Datei und dann aktivieren… Is this for all trucks vor only Volvo???

  5. OneBlood says:

    Hi Zhuk great work this is awsome pack:) I Wanna ask if could add scania enginnes to Scania T and RS by RJL?

  6. Trucker says:

    wie kann ich den sound für 50keda scania nutzen

  7. Zhuk says:

    instruction .
    Moderator plz add in description

    1. go to \def\vehicle\truck\Name_you_truck\
    2. go to \def\vehicle\truck\Name_you_truck\sounds\
    3. open interior.sii and exterior.sii
    4. edit
    accessory_sound_data : int.Name_you_truck.sound
    accessory_sound_data : def.Name_you_truck.isound

    isound – for interior
    esound – for exterior

    5.copy the sound from other truck

    6.edit the sound file

    open and edit the line

    accessory_sound_data : kri.daf.xf.esound
    need change the name daf.xf on you name truck

    7.add support engine
    change the line

    suitable_for[]: “mx340.daf.xf.engine”

    the name of engine see in

    open file and the line
    accessory_engine_data : blabla.scania50k.engine
    this name put in the
    suitable_for[]: “blabla.scania50k.engine”

    8. in the open engine file need add after volume

    defaults[]: “/def/vehicle/truck/Name_you_truck/sound/interior_kri.sii”
    defaults[]: “/def/vehicle/truck/Name_you_truck/sound/exterior_kri.sii”

    9. change line name: “PACCAR MX375 CONe”

  8. Adnan says:

    Hi Zhuk, I am not good with it and I would ask you if I can send you my actros mp4 mod to make sound and engine changement and return it to me. If you can do it for me I will send you my mod to mail.

    Thanks in advance

  9. ik161 says:

    Hey people, nice job. 🙂 Can u include the tire howl sound in this pack, please? It would be great. I tried to connect the two mods but failed.

  10. jose rene says:

    hi zhuk
    you have in mind , do an update to version mod
    v1.18 ???

  11. Zatk says:

    you can edit the sound of the truck traffic IA of like the cistern truck that appear to end of the vídeo in minute 6:10

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