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SKM Extended map brings more depots and variety to the UK, as lets face it the UK has been abandoned, at SKM we hope you enjoy our UK extension map, big thanks to all our testers and Eliximus for promoting the map

Improvements include:
– New Road Textures
– More Choice of depots in the UK
– New Cities
– New Depots in the following Cities
– Europoort, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Osnabruck, Bremen, Hamburg and Rostock

Authors: ScaniaLAD, Matt Turley AKA Keyblade


15 Responses to SKM UK Extended Map v

  1. wande_trance says:

    funciona com TSM e RussMap??

  2. Csabesz1997 says:

    Works with PROmods?

  3. phil says:

    It works on dlc going East..

  4. C4RBON94 says:

    ProMods compatiable??

  5. ScaniaLAD says:

    put zzzz infront of our map and it will work, you just wont be able t reach the new parts in Scotland, but who wants to go to Scotland anyway its cold

  6. hrjohnson says:

    hey its a great mod but noticed a bug : when a truck pulling a car transporter trailer goes past a scree tear appears apart from that a grat mod !!

  7. Darren says:

    im from scotland but can admit it is cold , we are great at cursing and swearing durin road rage when a freak cant drive, anyways this map isnt all that great, yes it is nicely thought off but i prefer MHA map, just like others prefer promods or TSM.

    • ScaniaLAD says:

      Im sorry but I find ypur comment extremely rude tbh, do you know how to make a map, do you know what is iakes to make a map, you cant say something isn’t good if you don’t building a map yourself, MHA map guy BUYS all of his assets, cities, all he does is place things, our map is built from by us, not one part of our map is someone elses work

  8. Chris Webster says:

    Paddy come on the guy was just expressing his opinion. It’s something that he is entitled to.
    I personally prefer MHA as well, and can’t see that your comments regarding that map hold any water personally, and before you start on me I do know what it takes to make a map.
    Since the comments section is for opinions and reviews I’ll give mine here, as well as on Youtube.
    I have driven a good few miles on this map, and whilst the depots do present more of a challenge than the standard SCS ones, they don’t really feel realistic to me. I say this as someone who has pent every working day for the last 3 years in the cab of a truck. They’re just way too fussy and fragmented. Like you have tried too hard to make it a challenge. The road textures are quite nice, but could do with being a little rougher, not all roads in the UK are in perfect just laid condition, a little more variety.
    Just my opinion on a couple of things, by no means exhaustive, but then a gain I wouldn’t want to invite any more death threats eh Paddy?

    • ScaniaLAD says:

      Your not going to like the new DLC much then are you, as all the new depots are from the upcoming Scandinavia DLC, Again my views on the MHA map are not my own, its what ive been told by the other guys at SKM, the guy he busy his assets and cities from are FLD, the guy who makes the FLD Prefab sets

  9. paul says:

    well I downloaded this map gave it ago and iam very impressed Its working with promods but would like to say it could do with Ireland added to it as Ireland is part of the uk other than that it a great map cheers keep it up

    • ScaniaLAD says:

      Hello Paul
      Ireland is coming, its currently in development, we plan to have an alpha of Ireland out very soon,

  10. RodriGM15 says:

    I put zzzz in front of the map but it crashes. Help!! I want to play the best map!!

    • ScaniaLAD says:

      Map isn’t compatable with 1.17 yet, were just polishing it ready Scandinavia then you can use it again, we have made many changes

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