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Here is the Mega Store Reworked V.7 finally up and running and only compatible with V1.24
There are 3 files in WinRar scs file:
1 ) Mega Store Reworked
2 ) addon_hookup_storage
3 ) Tuning Accesories For All Trucks v.1.24
The addon_hookup_storage file must be placed after the other mod
The mod is not blocked
Please do not reuplodare and respect my hard work, thanks ?
Autor: Kyto,50keda, Moders Team Poland



44 Responses to Mega Store Reworked.V7 By Afrosmiu

  1. Jonesy says:

    How have you got so many spotlights to choose from on the roof ?

  2. christophe says:

    superbe grand merci c est magnifique mod la class

  3. KiLLeRModding says:

    thanks mate I was waiting for your great mod 😀

  4. zoso says:

    Ciao Afrosmiu, ho visto il video e mi piace questa mod
    ma non sono sicuro di provarla perché quando installo le megamod
    mi si blocca il gioco e devo disattivare tutto (e una rottura di palle)
    io uso akcesoria_do_tuningu_(02.11.14) e con questa non ho nessun problema ma purtroppo e da molto tempo che non viene aggiornata.Tu non potresti dargli una lucidata?e se possibile aggiungere il DLC Griffin,( anche se è un po’ ridicolo la SCS ha aggiornato il lavoro già fatto dai Modders)
    comunque complimenti e anche per quella cosa che hai specificato in descr…

    • afrosmiu says:

      Grazie zozo si nella prossima aggiungo il dlc griffin…avevo solo dei problemi sulla mod…per quanto riguarda akcesoria_do_tuningu_ (02.11.14) ci do un’occhiata e vedo di farla funziona nella nuova versione

      • alfio says:

        si puo fixare al ultima patch perche nn va la mod con l’ultima versioe grazie

    • afrosmiu says:

      Scusami zoso per la dicitura

      • zoso says:

        Tranquillo, comunque non voglio rubarti del tempo
        capisco quando si lavora su i propri progetti non è facile trovare del tempo x altre cose.
        la mega m lo scaricata e la proverò ma spero di non avere conflitto con le altre mod (ma questo è un mio problema ho un casino di mod installate)
        Ciao ciaoZ ?

  5. coleffR says:

    I have only one question for you Afrosmiu. where can I delete de tandem files from this mega mod file because it crashes when I select it in the chassis menu and I am really not interested in tandem. Thank you for this mod adaptation.

  6. Elis Martin says:

    Does this mod work with RJL?

    • FyfferPlay says:

      No, they will conflict and cause the game to crash in truck dealer.

  7. sss says:

    NICEMOD ,But I can’t find led in mod

  8. 盈沛 簡 says:

    BUT I can’t find the anyone led light.

  9. Michael says:






  10. Andreas71 says:

    Chassis are all in the old format (instead of powered_wheels powered_axle). Furthermore, the tobj files are deprecated (cab_grill.tobj ‘functions on – found 0x88, 0x01 expected) appeared in all attachments on. Must not be used because too many warnings in the console or Gamelog emerge. Too bad, otherwise good Mod.

    • afrosmiu says:

      even if there are warning in the game log hack works without problemi..e was head for many years friends who do not have any type of crash

  11. Chadziq says:

    Please share mega sound pack for all original truck loader

  12. farinha says:

    dont work

  13. dick says:

    super еще бы led logo на спальник для всех грузовиков цены не былобы

  14. ZoCi says:

    MP4 Merci? Why not? 🙁

  15. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  16. Andrew says:

    The Scania logo doesn’t appear on the grill bar at 11.38 min. (3rd video)
    I’ve tried different methods of installing mods also changing the order of the files but no effect. Can someone help me with this problem?

  17. Andro says:

    Hey. Why when the light appear blue lights on the side of the truck and on the grille ?

  18. Carlos1495 says:

    Daf Xf E6 Not working..

  19. afrosmiu says:

    Amici contattatemi nel mio profilo in modo che vi posso aiutare
    contact friends in my profile so that I can help you

  20. Speedy812 says:

    wie muss ich denn die drei dateien anordnen?geht der mod auch mit dem scania rjl?

  21. Ben says:

    How come the scania logo is missing from front grill apart from that great mod.

  22. Darsh71 says:

    hello, very cool, but, make conflict with skins Renault Premium and Magnum. please, update for that problem and if you can make it compatible with mini tuning mod please .

  23. prio says:

    i cant see the led light in a view part.. why ..?

  24. PotereK Poland says:


  25. Theosz says:

    I can not find the version for v1.25 anymore

  26. Chris says:

    Please get it switched over to patch 1.25 as it’s a really good mod

    • JoachimK says:

      Yes, that was fine for 1.25
      In ModManager: red and No Compatible.
      In the Moment I use Version 6.

  27. oğuzhan says:

    Please upgrade to 1.25`

  28. DutchMarine says:

    Hi, I have ETS2 v1.25, and is it possible (maybe a bug) that my truck doesnt have a rear no more when i use your mod. Also in the cabin itself some textures ar missing (glowing red). This doesnt happen when i switch to a UK styled cabin (right side steer).

    I guess its beacause I have ETS1.25 and this mod is 1.24 compatible, but if someone knows a soluition, thanks in advance.

    Althrough its a pretty cool mod! keep up the good work, ill wait for a 1.25 release.

  29. Alin says:

    Can you make a new update from this mod for 1.26 and be compatible with scania RJL ? Please !!!

  30. Oğuzhan says:


  31. DAMIAN1980 says:


  32. سیدعلی موسویان says:


  33. LordPain says:

    hey there, i am still patiently waiting for the mega store for v1.28 for all trucks like you used to back then

  34. RAFO says:

    When will you updated this mod to work with ETS2. 1.28 and promods 2.20 ?. i need it getting bored of the VNL. 😛

    Kind Regards

  35. Zatk says:

    Great mod in my old versions work perfectly but now in 1.30 is dead … Update Please guys

  36. Nick says:

    This mod is great and i love that it works for all brands needs update please

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