Mega Store v 1.9


UPDATES v 1.9:
– FIX Led / Blk Scania
– FIX MAN Badges
– FIX Slot DAF skirts Court / Long
– FIX Slot Chassis DAF
– FIX Slot Chassis IVECO
– FIX Slot Chassis MAN
– FIX Slot Chassis and Cab Stralis
– FIX Slot Chassis Cab Skirts Hiway 8×4 / 4
– FIX Slot Chassis and Cab Renault Premium
– FIX Slot Chassis and Cab Renault Magnum
– FIX Slot Chassis and Cab Mercedes Actros
– FIX Luxury Volvo 2012
– FIX Neon Scania Iveco Man
– FIX Left Blinker
– Created frame 2×6 / 4 Volvo 2012 fullpaint and chrome
– Create skirts frame 2×6 / 4
– Create Extra for skirts frame 2×6 / 4
– Shadow Chassis 2×6 / 4
– FIX smalled Left and Right Blinker
– Created drains for Volvo 2×6 / 4
– Chassis Renault Magnum 6×4

Author: Kyto


33 thoughts on “Mega Store v 1.9

  1. Champion977

    Hi! Anyone knows how to get wheels like these from photo in new Volvo? 🙂

      1. The link given on that site to deposite files is just a survey.
        Shut up.

  2. Hey man in the next update can you add rear bumper costumized for all trucks ?

  3. David King

    Web page not available. When you put a mod out at least give a ligitimate download

  4. hodgson61paul

    is it me but as anyone else noticed no one gets a reply from this guy.

  5. ###. Finally I can play again

    Thx for mod but in weekend is terrible!

    Sugestions to alternate download site: :-))))) :-)))) :-))) :-)) :-))

  6. red volvo cabin and front bumper… not corrected

  7. Can you tone down the lights for the windshield signs? way to much glow on those LEDs

  8. Robertcarrizal

    missing for skirts magnum please update thanks!!!

  9. Where it is possible download Scania Longline

    1. Excuse was mistaken a theme

    2. you can allways try theese, but they are not good skinnable and i dont know does they work anymore (on new versions)×4/#more-4007

  10. Scaniadriver

    impossible not good ones online

  11. When i enter shop and select any part from chassis or accessories then every words turn to ¤¤¤#¤#¤¤ typish text and need to restart game. After need edit and unselect mod and everything works just fine.

  12. i cant download it pleas update the link, sharemods sucks, it says wrong ip, please help

  13. Hello,

    The same issue still present with the new Volvo what I have seen in version v1.7 and also v1.8. If you change the cabin to the Componible Paint/Luxury etc , the roof grill disappears and you cannot add it again. Therefore, nothing can be placed to the roof of the cabin at all…

  14. nice mod as always, but i have one problem, i cant use any roofbars or sunshields on the trucks, i cant see the option for it…any tips?
    thx much 🙂

    1. nevermind….i found the reason, i had to use more zzz…:D

  15. errick_dannyel

    THIS MOD ITS A ####! Its crashing the game if you try to play without this mod! I barely save my profile! SO DON’T USED! Its a work in vane!

    1. BS!! its work fine, you just got conflicts!! learn to use mods and whine then..

  16. Wen u chnge cabins or chassis the grill nd lights disappear. Why ? And also on the pic the chassis on the left for the volvo. Wer can i get a chassis like that ? Can find one anywer ?

  17. ###. Scania with high pipes(1, 2, low or high), Side skirts and 8×4!!! Yes!!!

    but Man have a but with mudlaps, names exchanged and hasn’t sideskirts!

    some light in front some trucks aren’t reachable

    thx again Kyto

    1. Can you make roof hook up points for the air horns, like this:
      ^^(the .jpg is part of the url!)^^

      And a Scania super logo like this.

  18. matty jones

    just wondering but would it be possible to get rid of those lights with letters and numbers cuz i cant imagian people using them and replace them with the light pack by balbo cuz there all kelsa ligths and its a brilliant mod but it doesnt work with this mod without replacing it which is a shame 🙁 but if ya can do that the mod would totally be the best out there for modding trucks and for lights 🙂

  19. You can also make a scania r longline cab
    and chassies

  20. hi can I have the password to the addon hookup storage sii file please I need access to that file to add 50kedas addons to it

  21. DOES NOT WORK!!!!
    Any upgrade i buy the truck goes neon orange!!!
    Does this with all trucks.

  22. Vyjde tento mód i pro verzi hry v1.9.22?? Přeloženo do angličtiny pomocí Google

  23. Comes this mode for game version v1.9.22? Translated into English using Google

  24. Roy Johnson

    I opened this mod with 7zip and it show that this mod has unsupported compression method. I believe that means there is a problem with the mod and you might wanna take a look at this or maybe i’m doing something wrong. This is a zip mod so that’s why i use 7zip and then i tried winrar and it show that u need a password so you tell me what should i do ?

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