Scania 8×4


Including chasses: 6х6, 8х6х4, 8х6х6
Tested on
Authors: jgut, oq37


33 thoughts on “Scania 8×4

  1. mod not working game keeps crashing when i try to add new axels

  2. 8х6х6 its not working

  3. I agree. Game crashes when I use this modification.

  4. Crashed -_-

  5. dont know, i have this too and its work… but i dl it other place..

    u got conflict wth other mods..

    1. I want ask you, what mod did you use?

    2. i have anbauteile_Mega_mod_by _tc,TruckshopV4,Scania light_tuning_0.2.1,Scania-Pack2 and 3, gardinen&Winpel_by_Man_kutscher, ZZZZlogosy, Colorphotos of drivers, Modern garage, Bonfire_Big, Spiegel_KlainerV2, Sunchiel_paint, Leucht_kasten2.. and its work…

      1. unionpacific13

        i confusion

  6. have the latest patch,
    tryed with only this mod in my mod folder and still game crashed just like the volvo 8×4

  7. i got conflicts with other mods!!! That volvo is working also…


  9. ok this dose work on v 1.25.1 the 8x6x6 dose work and so do all of them so if its crashing then it must be some mod u are useing

  10. It works very good, i have got mods installed and still works good!! I have the latest version

  11. unionpacific13

    not working, how to fix this?

  12. if u got Scania skins with interiors mod installed it will crash so remove that!.. V2 and V3 of that mod works..

  13. works perfect for me! i looove it ! 😀 2000L fuel 😀

  14. mod not working game keeps crashing when i try to add new axels.
    have the latest patch.
    i have removed all mods

  15. it works good guys, but if you got any additional interior of SCANIA it won’t work.

  16. gol d. roger

    mod dont works

  17. Dobry den mohu se zeptat kde najdu ty horni svetla na spojleru dekuji

  18. Hello may I ask where I can find the upper light on the spoiler thank you

    1. thos Brake lights u can dl from TC/Ghosttruck own site. it needs registeration!

  19. unionpacific13

    need Mega Mod by TC and scania happy lightning

    1. then get it.. 🙂

      1. unionpacific13

        i know

  20. Please erase oil tank. I don’t like that kind of oil tank.

  21. cannot delete this mod… I have not got any 8×4 trucks, i checked transmition packs and engines too.. I have the original ones transmitions packs on my SCANIAs… And all my SCANIA trucks are 730.. Help me please! Do i have to sell all my trucks? 🙁

    1. Sorry for your luck. I’ve tried EVERY Scania 8×4 mod and they’re all junk except this one:

      That one even has 8×6 (2 rear drive axles + front wheel drive)
      But seriously, if you’re going to do any amount of modding you’re going to run into trouble eventually.
      Always use a separate testing profile for new mods until you know they won’t crash.
      Download and learn how to use Cheat Engine to get a new profile up in skill and money.

      1. Cheat Engine is the reason I fearlessly download and install every mod I see. If it breaks the profile, no big deal. It takes about 20 minutes to get a new one right back where I was.

        1. Do u cheat kilometers too?

          1. No. I don’t worry about accumulated miles in test profiles.
            When a mod is proven stable, then I’ll use it in my main profile.

  22. Farinnazzo

    It’s possible to put this 8×4 chassis on the AI traffic???
    Because, I’m trying, but not working…
    CTD all the time….
    6X6, 6×4 and 6×2, works fine (for all brands trucks).
    Just these 8×4 chassis (Scania, Volvo, Man, etc) dont work: CTD…

  23. do u have to be a level for this to work if not it does not work

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