Scania Upgrade V1.0


Author: thunderhawk


13 thoughts on “Scania Upgrade V1.0

  1. finally a Scania upgrade mod that doesn’t make the truck look like its come from a fast and furious movie.

    great mod thank you

  2. looks great but the download dosent work for me

  3. abasstreppas

    Looks great, but can you upload it somewere else as the link already is overloaded (503)

  4. Sarkissian

    Upload to another site please! The link you provided is not working, too much users!!

    Here you are, working link!

  6. It would be great if you could make it the same with Volvo, Mas And Renault (Premium & Magnum)

  7. yes.for volvo woot be great .
    thanks for mod,

  8. Finally, a good one. Wait, this is better than good, it’s great.

  9. Respect for doing things properly and using a seperate .pmg/.pmd for the chassis to the cab, it’s amazing how many modders don’t even make an attempt at compatibility.

  10. can you make those diesel tanks and air tanks for 4×2 4×4 6×2 6×4 6×6 trucks? you only can have those bigger tanks on a 8×4

    1. Those tanks are placed there when there is no room on the chassis anymore (on a 8×4 truck is no room for tanks on the chassis because of the extra axle)

      So these things have no use ona 4×2 or 6×2. They don;t even fit on a normal chassis because it would collide with the trailer.

      “Make the chassis longer then”, you will say. But then the tower would have even less use, because there is even more room on the chassis as usual 😉

  11. hey can someone put an .exe file online for the stax mod or tell me how to put a .rar mod into the game??

  12. Très beau mod !! 😀
    Y aurait moyen d avoir les racks pour le long chassis aussi ? 🙂

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