Mega Tuning MOD v. 5.0


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Mega Store Reworked for 1.14xxx

new included Scania Evo,you find it at scani dealer at scani r cabs and chassis.

The Evo is beta and in wip but you can drive it.

If you find Bugs,send Pn or write it at comments.

i fix it at the next vision!!!

new addons comming in the next vision.

Its not allowed to upload on other hoster or sites!!!

Reworked by Malcom37


12 thoughts on “Mega Tuning MOD v. 5.0

  1. Malcom37 i suggest you to remove the evo part. Because it looks a little weird and look like a beta work.
    Also front window’s frame buggy in tuned cabins. And interior variations decreased.
    v.4.0 was better than this.

    Don’t get me wrong that is best combined scania mod ever. Thank you very much for that 🙂

  2. Ultrabald

    What’s the difference with ?

    Answer : none.

  3. Eighty-VI

    It’s totally individual for scania trucks.

  4. hey.
    love this mod. when dose the new mode come so it works on 1.15

  5. Why is this and Mega Store Reworked the same. When i download the two of them they are both the same files.

  6. Why does not the scania stremline
    only with the scania R ???

  7. Truckmanleader

    is Impossible have 90% color skins… 🙁

  8. MiniMe943

    Please, please, for the love of all that is holy, make a v6 for 1.18. This is the best tuning mod for ETS2 and it needs to be updated badly, but unfortunately it seems this mod is abandoned…

  9. No colission on classis scania

  10. mega mod ets2 e mnogo qka

  11. Tony Sncxx

    Please create mod only compatible with multi LED light package. Thank you.

  12. Не,серьёзно!!!!!От конвертируйте этот мод под новые версии!!!!!!!!Идеально незаменимый!!!!!!!!!!Правда неплохо было бы доделать.Ведь не под все авто есть гаджеты.Как к примеру для Renault preium нет самого главного-боковых юбок для шасси 6*4!!!!Это просто ужас!!!!!И для Volvo FH 16 тоже маловато гаджетов!

    Но не будем отходить от главного-даже без всего этого можно прожить,но без конвертируемой версии для последних версий игры(ну к примеру 1.21.x),никак не обойтись!!В нэте один бред!!!!!Вся надежда только на этот тюнинг!!!!

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