Mercedes 1632 NG – Edit by Ekualizer – [ patch 1.30.x ]

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This truck is completely autonomous.
You can buy it from Mercedes dealer.
Specifications are taken from the original documentation
Model is skinnable

Tested on: 1.30.x patch

The authors base model: Ventures87, Stels, Sobral, Kirill73rus, Kriechbaum

edit: Ekualizer

Ventures87, Stels, Sobral, Kirill73rus, Kriechbaum, Ekualizer


23 Responses to Mercedes 1632 NG – Edit by Ekualizer – [ patch 1.30.x ]

  1. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.30…

  2. neranjana says:

    HD Video Test

  3. jorgent97 says:

    Hd video 1.30..

    • hzhrm6 says:

      bad video!

      • Sergio M. says:

        hzhrm6, you have no say here. Just leave the site and never come back.

      • Trucker_Schmitt says:

        @hzhrm6 – What a cheap ##### are you at all?
        To see you:
        Any of your so called ‘comment’ is just not more than to show to all of us what kind of ##### you are – because you always write the same (bad and idiotic) lines.
        It is clear that you are just too stupid to judge a video in a neutral position. Therefore you suffer a loss of reality.
        And to correct you: Against your failure – The videos are good or even excellent, sometimes a bit long, but NEVER that bad as you in your very restricted perception do throw up.
        So once and forever, show yourself as a good person – or just SHUT UP, got it?
        Otherwise try to surprise all of us with only ONE of a real self created video, can you?

  4. BEAST says:


  5. RiflerGamer says:

    Test video:

  6. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    Video test here 😀

  7. BEAST says:

    @Ekualizer –
    “I agree to taking out on other forums, provided the behavior of
    the original description and a link to the top download.
    Otherwise, stop sharing new versions of this modification.”
    @mods_ats – do you have permission from Ekualizer for using other sharing places?

  8. BEAST says:

    At least a reference to the source gave !!!

  9. BEAST says:

    orig.mod link:

  10. Drucker says:

    Lol it doesn’t work for me… whenever I’m trying to reverse under the trailer it doesn’t connect to it…

    • Ekualizer says:

      The issue is on your end. This truck works fine without any problems.

    • Felmarg says:

      Same for me, I’m using trailers and cargo pack by Jazzycat v6.5, and this truck is just a little too high for connecting to trailers.
      I had the same issue with some moded trucks and some trailers once in a while, but this one just doesn’t connect to all trailers I tried (5 different so far).
      Didn’t tried without Jassycat Pack tho.

  11. zuputo says:

    Alter das ist imernoch die selbe Scheiß mod wie vor 2 jahren voll mit bugs und der Sound ist abartig scheiße

    • Trucker_Schmitt says:

      @zuputo – Deine Meinung.
      Wie ich mich erinnere über all die Zeit, da gab es manchmal eine passende Version zur passenden Game-Version. Und einige habe ich auch benutzt = gefahren.
      Wie ich mich erinnere, gab es manchmal das Problem, dass der Truck hinten etwas zu hoch stand. So war es nicht einfach, einen Trailer anzuhängen.
      Und ich glaube, dass da einige ‘bugs’ waren = zu sehen in geöffneter Konsole.
      Es wäre natürlich traurig, wenn alle diese bugs usw über all diese Zeit bis heute nicht behoben wurden. Das würde ich dann als Gleichgültigkeit und Unfähigkeit des Uploaders bezeichnen.
      Wäre ich der modder, hätte ich alle Probleme beseitigt, klar.
      Aber ich bin nicht der modder.
      Jedenfalls lade ich diese Karre nicht wieder runter.

  12. truckerkaiel says:

    Thanks for this Truck. Everything works fine. I hope to drive a lot of Miles with it;-)

  13. Edivad says:

    Nice, thanks! More cabin dlc! ;D

  14. ChrisMaximus says:

    ETS2 v1.30 I Mod – Test ★ Mercedes 1632 NG

  15. Mister says:


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