Renault 460 TURKEY still

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3 Responses to Renault 460 TURKEY still

  1. oguz_06 says:

    still değil style olacak dostum

  2. Özgür says:

    Tanju Akdoğan’ın çekiciside olmasa ne yapacaktınız acaba,yeniden isimlendirip değiştirip sürün piyasaya…

  3. Trucker_Schmitt says:

    Hey people, at least you should be able to write in English….
    The Uploader obviously has some leaks in English – because he titled his upload: Renault 460 TURKEY still
    but he means Renault 460 TURKEY STYLE, right?

    By the way, it will remain as a riddle for me why the Turkish people do like such strange wheel-caps so much…
    Any explanation here? Hahahahaaa……
    But keep cool, I only just wonder about these caps, because they appear in almost every Turkish mod…?..!…?
    Why it is I absolutely do not know

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