Mercedes 190e standalone


In front of you is mine new mod. It is NEW AI car (this mean that this
AI car does not repleace any
default AI car that is in game).

How to install?
Just copy all .scs files in mod folder and make sure that all files is
loaded last (after all other mods).

Important notes!!!

1. If you have some mods for new AI cars (or map mods that have new AI
cars inside), they won’t work if this
mod is loaded after those mods.
2. If you put this mod to load before other mods with new AI cars,
then this mod won’t work and you won’t see
190e car on streats.

Why this happen and how to fix this and to see all new AI cars that
you have in game?
Game load cars that are listed in “traffic_storage.sii” file and in
all .sii files in /def/country/ folder.
I provide this files for you. They are from default game (version
1.3.1) and I just add new lines at end of file.
Unpack “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_trafic_storage.sii.scs” and
“zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_country_folder.scs”, and unpack
same files from your mods and compare them. Find diference and edit
mine files and repack them back to mod folder.

Or just download other version of this mod where Mercedes 190e replace
Audi A6 from this link:

Author: Srele

Please don’t use this model or textures without asking me first.
Ask me, I will give you permision to use them 馃槈


8 thoughts on “Mercedes 190e standalone

  1. Why is https://… ?1?

    1. I don’t know…
      I just Copy-Paste link from Dropbox. Maybe it work even with http://

      1. https:// is a secured version of http:// Usually used when singing in to facebook and things like that 馃槈

        1. I know that, thank you 馃槈

  2. I can not find him in ets2

    1. Read description.
      It is little hard to set up.
      Or just download other version wich replace Audi A6.

  3. can you tell me how to build it?thanks

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