Mercedes Actros 1858 + Interior


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MB Actros + Interior
Standalone Model !
Color is Change !
Game Version 1.13.3

SCS, by Elaman


7 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros 1858 + Interior

  1. Credits:
    SCS, by Elaman. Roman Demyanenko

  2. Ultrabald

    Useless mod because file is password protected so impossible to modify and adapt to other mods installed.

  3. hey guys! do you know how i can edit a mod?i mean how can i edit a .scs mod?thanks

  4. thx for sharing and updated format

    I have these issues in ETS2 v1.13.4.10s

    1) Unfortunately, items inside the cabin are not optional
    2) [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/truck/mercedes_actroskz/truck.pmg’ with size 21782150

  5. You can I want to give him the password me umskinnen would be great

  6. on v1.19 can’t play

    [zipfs] Unsupported compression method used: 1 for record #481

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