Mercedes Actros Concept interior 1.12


Custom interior for the Mercedes Actros, including:

a) Concept dashboard, speedometer
b) Plastics replaced with leathers
c) new carpets



8 Responses to Mercedes Actros Concept interior 1.12

  1. henri says:

    très beau mod mais la nuit on ne vois rient sur le desboard corriger le svp c’est bête le mod est super

    • cookos says:

      Thank you. There will be an update soon for this.

      • henri says:

        je te remercie en tous ça ce desboard est très beaux (ps faudra t’il gardé le fichier original pour la mise a jour)

  2. Ficfic says:

    Can I use your mod in my future mod “More realistic v3” (I give credits)

  3. Emanuel Trigo says:

    O painel não dá muita luz de noite quase não se vê
    Para mim é o único BUG até agora 🙂

  4. Lucky_Punch says:

    Dashboards lights missing

  5. Who read is stupid says:

    Missing dashboard lights.

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