Mercedes Actros MP4 Tuning by Hempam Group

Mercedes Actros MP4 Tunin (2) Mercedes Actros MP4 Tunin (3) Mercedes Actros MP4 Tunin (1)

Tested on 1.18.x

Authors: aslan media, Bgm


19 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP4 Tuning by Hempam Group

  1. scrawderman

    LED lights (first screenshot) red in game

    1. do you have ENB??

      1. scrawderman

        No. Clear profile.

  2. macenkodenis

    No info about mod, waiting for video.

  3. Don’t waste your time, bad mod.

  4. The problem with the front number, it does not exist. Back there, there is no front. Overall, not a bad tuning

  5. Nice mod…
    Perfect tuning for MP4 🙂

  6. LeVieuxAreStrange

    I like it, but the LED lights are red (A texture error sure) and the front license plate dissapear, please fix it, is a nice mod!

  7. Very good events, but there is one drawback – the truck touches any bumps in the road.

  8. Super guy mod, but there is a problem with the headlights …. possible to make a fixed please?

    1. yes. i fixed in V2


    when this mod available v2 fix 😉

  10. Gary Senker

    Can we have a link for version 2 please?

  11. Daniel Fernandez

    Problems too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You wast your time to make this junk!!!!

  12. the_trucker5

    the collision is bugged, the truck touches any bumps in the road. and appear damage…. i had wasted more than 500,000 in fixing…

  13. I like this mod. Im waiting your new version that daylight fixed.
    Also, please fix this issue.


    Standart chassis very good . the truck bottom crashed very lower ((

  15. musavi_1376(ehsan musavi)

    Follow us on Instagram: @hempamgroup

  16. Tony Sncxx

    Hello beautiful mod, please fix bugs, add slot lights and mirrors paintable. Thanks good job.

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