Mercedes Actros MP4 Tuning Mod

Tuning Mod (1) Tuning Mod (2)

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– Have a new animations
– Flag animation
– New streeng wheel
– Gas pedal animation
– Auto transsmission animation d_n_r
– Standalone
– Tuning parts
– Metalic support
– V8 sounds
– Liftible axel


17 Responses to Mercedes Actros MP4 Tuning Mod

  1. VeNn!! says:

    WTF!! Are you kidding me with the steering wheel!!

  2. TruckingLover says:

    Wow, Nice, Full HD video review

  3. peter says:

    where is all the stuff?
    i only see a little flag inside, and a vabis ugly steering wheel WTF??

  4. Melichov_SU says:

    Video reviev HD: +Downl.

  5. misavi_1376 says:

    follow the hempam on instagram: @hempamgroup

  6. RobViguurs says:

    I think the sound is from kriechbaum so you could put credit of him in the mod!. and the curtains need to be fixed and the green glass less visible. and the back bumper is flikkering from reflection or something

  7. RobViguurs says:

    rest of the mod is great!

  8. wegger says:

    Nice mod!

  9. Tatarin says:

    смените руль пожалуйста поставьте оплетку

  10. Xie Mingxun says:

    What map?

  11. Jason says:

    What the map?

  12. Falkon says:

    old sh*t only and many many bugs and errors. the biggest scrap i ever seen.

  13. patou5986 says:

    tres bon mod et merci pour le travail , une faute , les essuie glaces n’essuie pas le pare brise domage !!

    very good mod and thank you for the job, fault, windshield wipers do not wipe the windshield shame !!

  14. Turbotruckerv8 says:

    Dous Somebody have that sound mod for a scania?

  15. Василий says:

    на видео другой тюнинг. пиздешь

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