Mercedes Actros MP4 v 4.0

Mercedes-Actros-MP-4-v-4.0-1 Mercedes-Actros-MP-4-v-4.0-2

This is an edited version of the Mercedes Actros MP4 v 4.0 that uses the default SCS Mercedes Actros MP3 interior with custom GPS & textures.

Author: TruckSimFan


11 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP4 v 4.0

  1. volvo4life

    ###? Mercedes logo outside and majestic inside on the wheel. How hard it is replace the texture on the wheel. But overall good mod.

    1. YusupMansor

      scs software does not have a license from mercedes benz, so use the word majestic

      1. John Balony

        He was talking about the mod, with mods developers can change anything. This mod changed Majestic to Mercedes.

        Don’t you get it?

  2. What? Actros MP4 (other autor) have interior and is better than this sh*t

  3. Thanks

  4. still the original cab interiour doesent look like the MP4 not worth downloading until they start using the new MP4 interiour

  5. TruckSimFan

    The reason I decided to release this is because a lot of people think the original MP4 interior is not very good (low resolution, disorganized), and the GPS is hard to see since it’s all the way on the right. Also, there are two of them which is redundant and can cause low FPS for some users.

    The good news is you can also use any MP3 mods now that I’ve linked the interior with the default interior.

    I’m currently using this one over the top of the one I included in the mod:

    1. Are you using the Driver Mega mod?

  6. Vespertine

    Thanks a lot. I was looking for something like this. I don’t like the MP4 interior of the other mods, it’s doesn’t look very well done so I prefer this one even if it’s not the real interior.

  7. Good job, please update for patch 1.10.

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