Mercedes Benz Ultimate Mod V1


Mode and Content:

– Mercedes Benz Real-Mode Logo
– Two Mercedes Benz Fabulous Skin & Cream Interior
– Mercedes Benz-Car GPS Glass
– Mercedes Benz Blue Interior Indicator lighting and Console
– Mercedes Benz Strong 850HP Special KaptaNTV Motor Power
– Mercedes Benz Interior Angle Of The Camera

Mode Is KaptaN TV & All versions are compatible.

Quote but are free to make the Producer’s name must be specified.

KaptaN TV


6 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Ultimate Mod V1

  1. hi there every thing working with v 1.7 dlc and tsm but the interior (it works but when i cheq the log file i get this.
    00:02:56.474 : load_unit() – Expected exactly one top-level unit in file (/def/vehicle/truck/mercedes.actros/interior/exclusive.sii), got 2
    00:02:56.475 : load_unit() – Expected exactly one top-level unit in file (/def/vehicle/truck/mercedes.actros/interior/standard.sii), got 2

    so if you could take away the interior it would work fine in the log file

    thanks again great mod like i sed every thing works thanks again poole 🙂

    1. can i know where to keep this file?

  2. sorry i missed this line out aswell

    00:00:12.713 : Cylinder volume of ‘dc16_850.mercedes.actros.engine’ engine should be higher than 6! It is set to 1.00.

    thanks again if you can fix

  3. hi is it works with v 1.1.1?

  4. Works well in the v, but the only error is that the retarder lever (right lever) no go down and go up…
    However good job with this mod, i hope will be released the 1.1 version with this error solved…

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