Mercedes Actros MPIII fix by jeyjey-16


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Hello guys I’m here to present you the fix for the Mega mod Mercedes Actros MPIII by Modders Team Poland for 1.22 + adaptation for DLC CAB accessories!

All work return to Modders Team Poland for this amazing truck!

Truck compatible with SiSL megapack accessories and jeyjey-16 accessories pack for DLC cab’.

Log is clean except for 1 or 2 tandem chassis. (red line with index wheels but no crash)

BDF tandem will be update soon, for the moment you will have some problem but no crash.

The archive contain also a tuning accessories but donwload the another in the back of description!

BDF tandem pack (not obligatory to run the mod) >

!Need Accessory de tuningo by MTP! >

Modders Team Poland, jeyjey-16


6 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MPIII fix by jeyjey-16

  1. Thx very much,jey-jey!

  2. And can you make sound for this mod? Default sound is awful. Thanks)

    1. jeyjey-16

      He have a V8 rework sound, for the moment it’s hazardous to have V6 or V8 engine but in next update I think it could be fix 😉

  3. jeyjey-16

    WARNING > There are 2 variant, one for V6, one for V8 on truck dealer, when you choose V8 you have V8 sound but for V6 you have SCS default sound, you can’t change after buy the truck, I try to fix that!

  4. booboolicious

    Very Nice mod! Thx!

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