Mercedes Actros MPIII fix v 1.1 by jeyjey-16

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Hello guys I’m here to present you the fix for the Mega mod Mercedes Actros MPIII by Modders Team Poland for 1.22 + adaptation for DLC CAB accessories!

All work return to Modders Team Poland for this amazing truck!

Truck compatible with SiSL megapack accessories and jeyjey-16 accessories pack for DLC cab’ V3.7.

BDF tandem will be update soon, for the moment you will have some problem but no crash.

Changelog V1.0 to 1.1

– Fix sound, now you can switch between V6 and V8 sound in garage.
– Fix truck dealer, MP4 appear.
– Add metallic paint.
– Fix Titan Cab, now you can upgrade to Titan cab in garage.
– Fix missing automat.
– Fix anim and model error.
– Log is totaly free of error.

Known issue > Index wheel index for some BDF chassis (no crash)
BDF tandem trailer pack will be update soon (working too on 1.22)

You need all files in this archive to make this mod working!

Authors: Modders Team Poland, jeyjey-16

DOWNLOAD 159 MB [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 159 MB [Sharemods]

7 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MPIII fix v 1.1 by jeyjey-16

  1. “– Log is totaly free of error.”

    1. jeyjey-16

      Yes he’s totaly free, the only error you can is > Rear wheel index must be indexed as 0>1

      That’s all, if you have an another error it’s not from MPIII….

  2. Wiersz trybów pracy? W jakiej kolejności zainstalować? Przy wyborze Salome Mercedes zawiesza grę!

    1. jeyjey-16

      Put first all accessorys mod and then the truck.

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Thanks jeyjey for the great Update 😉

  4. Any chance of an update of this great truck so it works in ETS 2 1.24

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