Mercedes Antos 1840 [1.27.X]

Find in Mercedes Dealer

* Add in company and desktop
* Registered new wheels
* Added original engines
* Added original transmissions
* New reworked sound for original engines v8 + spec air horn..

Tested version: 1.27.x [beta]

Oleg, jekich1, Stas556, Maxagent, Kamazist_1980


7 thoughts on “Mercedes Antos 1840 [1.27.X]

  1. Huh?! … Mercedes Antos 1840 1.27 ….. “.exe” ?
    Why “.exe?, what you uploaded here, dude?

    1. untick the box which says to download with their downloader, it’s just below the download button.

      1. No offence, but this detail should stated from first time, by uploader. Who don’t knows, fill his system PC with malware.

        That .exe it filled my system with malware, and was needed to run Malwarebytes Anti malware program, to solve this ####.

  2. You are right, Terra, and it is again this f*****g Payload-Site
    Upload-Ocean…. 🙁

  3. TheJustice

    FAKE. Another reuploaded mod by Maxagent and all his alias…..

  4. hoj yani güzel

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