Mercedes Antos Car Carrier+Auto Trailer


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Another in sharing when the original link’s use
Trailer Standalone


Scs Stas556 Trucker94 Rockwell Uzocan16


11 Responses to Mercedes Antos Car Carrier+Auto Trailer

  1. Mark (Eliximus) says:

    Hello , looks great but can’t find in game … any ideas ?

  2. Axel says:

    If the pickup above the cabin would be rotated than this would be a perfect mod, because now its unrealistic to put the highest part of a car on top of the cabin… ifff yaa feel me. But please keep more Autotransport coming!

  3. KruGan says:

    good mod here worth a download..but in next version u add some more type of trailers and low ride of the truck ..that would make it more realistic ….expecting daf and mercedes across auto transporter soon good work thnx

  4. Mark (Eliximus) says:

    Well im a noob , All working good , thanks for a great mod .

  5. Adamisch says:

    calm down mate. We all know its annoying but we don´t rage about it .

    • wtf says:

      I’ve mentioned every time on the nice way.
      As this doesn’t seem to work, we’ll have to try new ways of doing things.


    What do u expect from a guy with the username wtf lol


    I like how he safe proofed one word but not he other lol

    • wtf says:

      Me? it was the website. It did it automatically.
      Weird that the other one wasn’t censored. ^^

  8. Kyle says:

    MERC dealer

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