Mercedes Axor 1.30s

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Axor MP2 Cab and MP3 Cap
Taglift and Midlift
Spoiler-Tuning part
6×4&6×2 profiliner BDF chassis
Update to version 1.30
Have fun…



8 thoughts on “Mercedes Axor 1.30s

  1. kilian54800

    Hello could you make the real Mercedes interior axor you please because on this mods it is the actros

  2. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Hello, the winrar archive is damaged, I tried to re-download it several times but nothing 🙁

  3. thx very nice truck and good drive!!!

  4. Why haven’t you converted the PMG files to a new(1.30) format?

  5. I converted pmg’s new format and put new 1 engine and sound…

  6. Please for this trailer Kassbohrer.much thanks.

  7. salut , tu peut m’envoyer le template de l’axor s’il te plait .

  8. Which dealer can I purchase the truck from? Can’t find it in Mercedes Benz dealer

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