Traffic Pack by GAARAA 1.1

Updated version:1.1

Changes in version:1.1
1. Tweaked for fps gain.
2. Slightly fixed the number of bad drivers.
3. Fixed turning of ai vehicles in sharp corners.
4. Realistic number of police vehicles.

Challenge Traffic by GAARAA shows the realistic behaviour of different driver types, there are good, normal and bad (many of them)…
Road accidents dont happen only when its your fault, other vehicles (ai vehicles) can also cause accidents and thats the Challenge and Fun in this mod.
The traffic is most alive in this mod, and it is a challenge to complete any long/heavy/small roads delivery within time, without any damage and most importantly without any
traffic offences.
This mod also contains vehicles breaking down in the middle of the road to make it more difficult to finish your delivery in time, also you may find some vehicles faced in
wrong direction to the lane.
Ai vehicles also bump into you if you are not within the speed limits, so if you drive on the right edge of the lane you might be saved from damage and most importantly from
traffic offences.
Please maintain good space between vehicles ahead of you and try to drive carefully, as the many bad ones might bump into you on small roads and also on highways.
Might have to wait for the traffic to clear up if there’s an accident otherwise reload to earlier saves.(have to give-up something to be crazy realistic)
This mod provides the traffic with its unique challenge and its no more a friendly traffic pattern.
Traffic Pack by GAARAA contains realistic and unique traffic mod. The traffic has its own personality.
There is also a bonus Challenge mod, try to complete the challenge its a fun mod.
Please read the info, in the mod manager.
Use any one of the mods as per your choice, both cannot be used at the same time.
For version 1.30.xx and higher
By subscribing this mod, you have agreed that:
– If you want to re-upload anywhere else, you will use only links provided by me:
This mod is and will always be free of charge.
Constructive feedback appreciated



15 thoughts on “Traffic Pack by GAARAA 1.1

  1. Challenge still on… Look out for that Crazy Driver.

  2. Hello GAARAA,
    Thanks for considering my comment. I see you have already updated it. I’m gonna give it a try in a minute and will get back to you with the result…

  3. crash game

  4. Hello mvm150ml ,
    Definitely worked on your suggestions in version 1.1. Eagerly waiting for your results.
    Thanks for your support.

  5. Hey man,
    I’m just over a 1200 km run with your updated mod. Here are my suggestions:
    – traffic AI 1: honestly many times dumb 🙂 quite often slowing down on highways back to 40-50 with no reasons due to some AI driver’s uncertainty. On a highway!! That’s not realistic. You are just driving on relatively constant speed on a highway. That needs to be fixed in my opinion.
    – traffic AI 2: quite speedy overtakes and lane changes and because of that I had to push the brake hard to avoid crash. They just changed lanes way too sudden! Some distance must be kept, I guess. Every now and then it’s OK, but it happened pretty much in every game hour (that’s about 10-15 real minutes). Can you just make it very rare instead?
    – traffic density: in one word it’s dense. Too dense! I mean it’s OK on highways in broad daylight the way it is now, but on secondary roads I experienced bumper-to-bumper kind of density which is not real. I’d say my friend, the density on those roads should be decreased by 40-50%. That’d be more real.
    At night it’s also too much. Less vehicles on the highways and the secondary roads would be appreciated.
    On the other hand the urban density is very good. Now I don’t feel deserted when I’m driving through a city or town or some settlement. Again, the night traffic should be decreased there as well. It’s pretty unreal seeing a traffic piling up in a very very small town at 2 or 3 AM!
    And one more thing. That unpredictable behaviour in urban areas should be removed because of traffic density it costs too much time to go through a city if there’s an accident. It’s not your mod’s fault, simply the AI is too dumb, so let’s not boost that up if possible.
    For now that’s it, I’ll come back with further suggestions later…

    Until then thanks to your work, it’s brilliant. I think the weakest chain in this game the traffic as a factor but your mod (even though it’s not perfect YET 🙂 ) is the best out there for now.

  6. bullshit! all your description is a whole bullshit. lots of outdated and other unnecessary rules in traffic_data.sii
    better stick to the relevant information like changing car colors, increasing density, fps loss and that’s it!
    @mvm150ml: no wonder that Ai traffic is dumb 😆 is because of those rules, simply removing them will create a smarter traffic, the deafult scs traffic is good enough, it’s only missing a good density
    ah, and count 0.6 for police??? for the author: how should be this treated, displaying only 60% of a police car maybe?

  7. Hi mvm150ml ,
    I have been working on traffic AI for too long now, this traffic AI’s are supposed to be bad as mentioned in the description we have to watch out for them in the traffic.
    Its a challenging and fun mod.
    The points that you have mentioned are true, I have tried for many solutions since the launch of ATS to address the traffic patterns in ETS2. I got to this uncertain behaviour of traffic AI after the latest ETS2 1.30, for which I am thankful to SCS team’s creative traffic parameters…

    I had developed a few Bad AI’s in my earlier traffic mod but the AI’s would never correct their path properly after a road accident for which I found a solution in this Traffic_Pack mod.
    I know the mod is not yet perfect, but it is a test for how AI’s can actually behave.
    I am trying to work on some points you have mentioned above about AI’s uncertainty for a few days now, density can be managed as you have suggested, and you will definitely find it fixed in the future updates.
    Again thanks for your valued inputs, it gives me new perspectives for further developments.
    Marching towards perfection with your Help & Support.

  8. NOT impressed, in the U.K. police vehicles from other countries also appear i.e. Politie, policia and theres even one with no body just wheels and a number plate, needs more attention, Malc.

  9. Hello Cipinho,
    Appreciate your views, actually I am glad to be noticed from a top creator like yourself. As mentioned in the description, this is a challenge and fun mod, I just tried to add some character to the AI’s that’s it!
    And thanks for bringing it to my attention about the police count…
    I need to focus on details before uploading a mod.
    Thanks for providing us with great mods.

    1. well, if your intention was to create an atypical traffic mod, you should call it “Dumb traffic behavior” so people will know what to expect… then explain better what are your changes in it 😉
      otherwise I appreciate your honesty and the time spent in replying good luck!

  10. This mod compatible with Jazzycat traffic packs?

    1. Yes compatible with Jazzycat traffic packs, just this mod should be higher than Jazzycats.

      1. But, this mod had a problem. Not spawning the Police Cars Whether you use it or not Jazzycat traffic pack mods. I think you must this mod fix it.

  11. Hello bhw2279,
    Already updated the mod and have definitely incorporated everyone’s suggestions in it, including yours.
    When one man stands no one notices, but when he groups no one can ignore.
    Thank you for your support.

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