Mercedes Axor 1840 Mp3 Reworked 1.38


1) Is Compatible 2ith Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.38) version.
2) High Quality Model
3) The Model Was Collected One-To-One Real.
4) Real Engine Sound Is Available.
5) Real Interior Is Available.
6) Real Cabin Light Is Available.
7) Skin Support Is Available.
8) Template Available.
9) Custom Adjustable Coatings Are Available.
10) Option Air Gun Available.
11) Its Own Alcoa Rim And Goodyear Tire Are Available.
12) 3 Spoilers Are Available.

1) Vehicle updated to version 1.38
2) Glass animations added.
3) Sounds updated to FMOD.
4) Raindrop error fixed.

Thank you EVR SOUND for the sound

Warning: editing is strictly prohibited.

Harun Aras, EVR Sound


5 thoughts on “Mercedes Axor 1840 Mp3 Reworked 1.38

  1. Incompatible! 1.35-1.36!!!! info

    1. PatruPumpkinhero2

      why would you use 1.35/1.36 if the mod specifically says it works on 1.38 xD

  2. MOD 1.38

    Leggere prima di scaricare…

  3. Can someone continue eugene volvo.. he seems will not update the mod 🙁

  4. 1.39 güncellenip vites sesi gelmeli

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