Mercedes Benz 1519 1.28

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Mercedes Benz Dealer
A lot of engines
Tested 1.28

Credits: Souza SG

Souza SG


3 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz 1519 1.28

  1. good! I was always a fan of these old trucks created by JbArtMods team and I was disappointed for not being updated, especially the 1934 but this 1519 also. I was surprised by the additional sound file which is very good. and mod is almost error free in 1.27. only the added tires are having a problem maybe with reflections but if you use other tires, log is clean.
    A little improvement for interior and few more addons would make it even better! thanks

  2. Sumit Sharma

    Is this mod work in 1.31

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