Mercedes Benz 1519 / 1525


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Mercedes Benz 1519/1525 for Ets2.
Tested in version 1.25

JbArtMods (João Batista)


8 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz 1519 / 1525

  1. Hi

    great Mod
    when the MB 1924 Finish?

  2. I’d love to use this, I have the previous version and I love that as well, but 4shared sucks hard. Could you please make an alternative download link via sharemods or another download site that doesn’t force me to register?

  3. ross gillies

    I agree with abalazs, sharemods or similar if you can.

    1. I found a better mirror on the author’s site, just search it.

  4. Really great work btw. I still miss a longer transmission (with the longer one it still revs at 80 kph pretty high, and consumes more than 60 l/100 km constantly), some engine options (285 hp one especially, because that actually existed, and was just enough to pull pretty much anything), and those abuelas from the right seat. You should enable SiSL Megapack for the interior at least. But the atmosphere of the truck is as fantastic as before. Try it mates, one of the best vintage mods in existence.

  5. nice work despite the few non critical errors. has beautiful motion and engine sound. I wish the left mirror was not that far and a few more cabin accessories . thanks, I love equally this truck and the older one, 1934, which is also working in 1.25

  6. @abalazs – Why you don’t just tell the people a good and fast link?
    So I do it instead of you. Fast download:

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