Mercedes Benz 1519-1525

Mercedes Benz 1519-1525

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Good evening. I am publishing this mod, but it might be the last. Because the previous one published as JbArtArquit, few respect the author’s rights, do not want to come but at least say who really shaped the mod, I believe that is the minimum since it is not charged anything for the mod. And to in the preceding mod I modeled both John the Baptist, interior as the exterior. Well I hope you enjoy this new mod, it comes with several options, two inside and two chassis. Also modeled for me.

Inside: John the Baptist
Exterior: John the Baptist

And other intensities were incações people do not even know, for example the engine, which incado by Kriechbaum to Tunak. And thanks Tunak TTMODS to respect the author’s model.

The first published as JbArtArquit, this is going to JbArtMods. I hope you enjoy

This mod has been tested in version 1.18

If they remove the previous mod thus avoids some errors.

Authors: JbArtMods-João Batista, antes (before) JbArtArquit


11 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz 1519-1525

  1. jacob.lovekw

    Mercedes Benz 1519-1525 | 1080p ᴴᴰ Review

  2. Doktor_Psix

    Прекрасная классика!!!

  3. Doktor_Psix

    Обзор на русском

  4. Download from this link doesnt work for me. I just get a blank page when i try to download this… why?

    1. JoaoBatista

      try downloading using navgador google chrome or firefox.It is the most suitable.

    2. Beware, Mega has changed the DL Box, you must click “Download through your browser”.

  5. Nice mod, but fix the rear Dayton Style wheels (Raileado… whatever). I downloaded this mod specifically for that. Wheels poke out way too much.

    Also, give it a proper 6 cylinder sound. This truck has the V10 sound mod from Kriechbaum for the NG 1632.

  6. Sorry, but nobody testing and open the console? I see many red lines there 😉

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