Mercedes-Benz 250D W124 1998 1.2 1.50x

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updated to 1.50x
I improved the physics and engine
Max Speed : 286 KmH


Gaza, Denis215


22 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz 250D W124 1998 1.2 1.50x

  1. bro when rsq8 mansory?

  2. when rsq8?

    1. Also waiting 😭

      1. gkvfjx gaming

        Yes XD!!!!!

        1. .............


          1. Please release a8 bro

  3. I’m the one who wrote the YouTube comment last time. Please post both Audi a8 and rsq8. I can’t wait to do another review. People don’t want these classic cars. LOL 😭

    1. says you, my friends, me, and a lot of my discord community like older cars, you dont speak for everybody buddy

  4. Audi a4 b7, i Audi a4b8

    1. Σαλταμαρας Νικολαος

      Fiat Punto MK1 GT when;

  5. mercedes benz s500 w221

  6. z223 s680 maybach pls

  7. Lars Rinström

    Good idea and nice model , but looks like a 500E

  8. Gaza so many people requesting q8 release it finally or at least inform us about the car how far u came with it or u even want to do it but if u seeing it and dont respond its just dissrespectfull to the ets 2 community dont take it badly bro but we just want to drive a new car xD

  9. We want sedan like w223 mabach
    No old car
    No semi truck

    Release a8 and rsq8 want

  10. arda demirci

    Can you make Bmw 320d F30?

  11. No old car
    We want maybach sedan w223

  12. Which application do you use to make mods? or can you help me to update or open scs files? How can I update mods myself?

  13. gkvfjx gaming

    Not 1998 Actually it’s 1987

  14. Please a8 and rsq8
    Then you will have crdiet.

    1. That guy is just updating old cars to new game version Spending his time on things that no one care instead off finishing the audi 🤓🤓

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