Mercedes Benz A45 V1R10 (1.35)

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1.35 Crash Fix

trzpro, yellow1441


11 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz A45 V1R10 (1.35)

    1. :p

      1. gokhan keser TÜRKİYE


  1. ### no sound

  2. There is still no sound:(

  3. FarCraft31

    I post this comment to ask if it is possible to achieve a ferrari with a realistic sound. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen mods (the last one I saw was for version 1.28). I hope that my request will be realized.
    Thank you in advance

  4. Epiphany324

    Anybody else car boost off when you hit a bump in the road causing you to lose control?

    1. You need to lower the stiffness (slider) in options to zero.

  5. There is no engine sound. Please fix this for next version

  6. Hello , I got a problem on any mod I install I can’t go faster than 90km/h what can I do ?

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